Golf: The Lifesaver We Needed

In January’s Ladies’ Latest newsletter, we asked for your stories about what golf has meant to you over the past year during the COVID-19 pandemic. Golf, unlike almost any other industry, has seen a boom in participation and engagement from current golfers, past golfers and new golfers over the last year.

Many of you described golf as a “lifesaver”, some mentioned the normalcy golf provided, and a few of you mentioned that golf probably saved your marriage or other relationships. Some of you are essential workers who desperately needed a respite from the challenges of working with COVID patients and others have existing conditions that meant they had to be particularly cautious and risk averse. There is no doubt that this has been a tough year for all of us, but golf has provided a much-needed break from the stress and uncertainty of COVID-19.

Below are just a few of your submissions.
Some submissions have been shortened for brevity.

The most positive thing that has come out of this past year is that I had time to start playing golf again after not really touching a club in over 30 years. Golf has kept me going through the pandemic – it is something that I do for me. It is a stress reliever for sure. I walk around in a state of worry – I am worried about my family, my students, and the other teachers at my school. This virus certainly makes you aware of what is most important – family and friends. I am so grateful for golf! It is a safe outlet that brings me joy. –Colleen, Beaufort, NC

Golf, but more importantly, fellowship with the ladies that this game has brought to my life, has been a saving grace to my sanity and spirit over this challenging year. As a healthcare worker, each day is spent in the throes of fragile lives fighting for return to health and some sort of normalcy. The rounds of golf that I have been fortunate to have over the past year brings some sense of that, a brief reprieve from it all. Fresh air, sunshine and fellowship…I’ll never take for granted again. –Luke, Greenville, SC

Golf has been a life-saver! As the owner of a small restaurant, everything in the world has been turned upside-down. Golf has remained the one thing that maintains normalcy, and provides several blissful hours where we can temporarily forget the turmoil and uncertainty of real life. –Heidi, Smithfield, NC

Golf saved my sanity in 2020. Being retired left me fewer alternatives to safely stay busy, and COVID-19 precautions limited social interactions. Golf was the perfect activity for safe interaction, and walking most rounds helped me stay fit and lose weight. CGA outings and tournaments gave us a safe way to stay social and compete. I played 130 rounds last year, and cannot imagine how much more depressing the year would have been without golf. –Julie, Raleigh, NC

I am very cautious (cuz I am old) and only play when I have my own cart. 2-3 times a week keeps my sanity in tact. It has been the worst year because of COVID but the best year as I got my first ever hole-in-one on a Par 4. That, for the first one, is amazing as it is also an albatross. Yea me…that has made this year wonderful. –Barbara, Murrells Inlet, SC

As an ICU nurse that has been in the front lines of COVID I find golf as an outlet and a sense of normalcy. It is a chance to enjoy the company of fellow golfers who enjoy the sport and encourage each other to do our best and have a good time! – Debbie, Walhalla, SC

We moved from the country to a golf community in April of 2020. Great timing. Instead of being home bound we were able to play a lot of golf. Our ladies league was packed with participants because people weren’t traveling. It made it much easier to meet fellow members and new neighbors. Golf was a life saver. –Susan, Southport, NC

My husband died of cancer in February 2020. Within two weeks of his death, the Governor put in place the beginning of gathering restrictions that were necessary while at the same time prevented me from comfortably getting grief support from family and friends. Golf (and my two puppy Pomeranians!) were my salvation. Golf became my outlet to see friends, albeit 6-10 feet apart, and receive emotional support. Golf also provided me some needed structure (golf on 3 different days each week) to keep my distracted while I worked through my grief. It’s hard to dexcribe how much having golf last year kept me active and with purpose compared to what life newly alone with no social outlets would have been like for the year. – Diana, Pinehurst, NC

I retired in January 2020 before knowing about the pandemic. I am so happy we have been able to play golf with practicing COVID precautions. It has been a lifesaver for me. Pre-pandemic, golf was one of my favorite things, and now I love it even more. I have been able to get to know the ladies at my club better and I have met more friends. –Jane, Greenville, SC

I feel blessed because the two activities I enjoy most are golf and running and I was able to continue to do both during the pandemic. Things are different, but we have found other ways to maximize the time together. Sometimes we would have 4 or 5 foursomes and the first group in world just wait in their carts as everyone would come in to the 18th. We’d maintain social distancing while enjoying a beverage of choice and laughing about the crazy things that happened during the round. During normal times, golf is a fun and enjoyable event. During COVID, it has been a lifesaver. And when the CGA events resumed – that was an added bonus. We could compete and have fun while still maintaining all social distancing protocols. –Barb, Southern Pines, NC

I was so very thankful for golf and my wonderful golf buddies. I am forever grateful. We all had a great time despite some of our social activities being canceled. We still had our birdie juice though!! –Sherry, Fort Mill, SC

Thank you to everyone who submitted their stories!

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